Africa Rocks

Africa Rocks

 This project was completed working through Hunt Design as an addition to the San Diego Zoo design system that has been developed. A new section was recently added to the zoo called “Africa Rocks,” so six icons were designed as an addition to the system to identify and direct visitors towards the new animal exhibits. The environmental application of these designs is cut black vinyl, applied to painted metal tiles, installed on wooden wayfinding posts in the zoo.

Client: San Diego Zoo Project Team: Hunt Design

SDZOO New Icons-17.png

Process Work

This project started with a review of the current icon system developed by Hunt for San Diego Zoo. Then the unique aspects of each species to be represented needed to be understood. The research phase continued as photographic reference images were collected of each animal and basic information was studied. Next the design phase was done as an iterative process, with many quick studies done within the office and two reviews with the client. Once approved, the artwork was finalized, prepped for production, and sent off to the fabricator.

A few pages of design iterations: