UC Filespace

 UC FileSpace Redesign

The concept for this project was to analyze and then redesign the web-based filesharing system developed and provided by University of Cincinnati for their students, UC FileSpace. The process started with user tests of the existing system in order to identify the problems. Then these tests were mapped with task flow diagrams, and an ideal task flow diagram was developed to outline the redesign. Low fidelity conceptual wireframe sketches were hand drawn and critiqued. From these a first digital draft was developed and critiqued. Iterations that followed were digitally prototyped and tested for usability with InVision Studio. The design constraints for this project included that the site be developed in standard web size, only single left clicks may be used for all navigation and functions of the site (no scrolling, right click, double click, hover), only text or type elements may be used in the design (no line, plane, boxes, icons, graphic elements).

Click through the final site redesign here.

Watch Test #1 of the original FileSpace here.

Watch Test #2 of the original FileSpace here.

The design follows this Task Set: • Login. (Skip for initial test. Start on My Account page.) Move the folder “project_1” out of “Sites” and into “Documents”. Rename it “project_1_backup”. Move the file “w1c1.pdf ” out of “Documents” and into the “Sites” folder. • In the “Sites” folder, delete the folder “test_site”. Logout.

Process Work Document