Summer Sets

Summer Sets

The Summer Sets were a seasonal product designed by Colugo, a new version of the canopy and mattress were sold to update the Compact stroller in color and materiality for the summer. As a part of the Colugo team, the new products were styled + photographed, the photos were edited + prepared for all uses. The social media marketing strategy was developed, and the graphics for the social campaign were prepared. Gifs were made illustrating the bug net that comes with the product. The product was also announced and marketed through emails, which were designed for Mobile platform and maintain the brand language while executing the purposeful marketing strategy and personality of the Summer Set product.

Design Team: Colugo

Marketing Strategy + Social Media Graphics

Product Styling, Photography + Photo Editing

Marketing Emails for Mobile Platforms

Product Launch email campaign. Reveals the new product and informs about updated features.


Follow up user generated content campaign. Utilizes community based brand marketing strategy.


Travel focused user generated content campaign. Shows off new features and promotes the use of product for travel.