Technical Pioneers

 Technical Pioneers

This project consists of a system design for a fictional exhibition series on technological pioneers. First the concept, to take the thing each pioneer was most known for, and make it extremely visible. The goal of the poster series is that the viewer’s eye is first drawn in by the simplicity of the design, that the poster is understandable from a distance, and that the viewer can immediately make the connection between the name and the graphic and know who the poster is about. Once the viewer understands this broad concept, they can decide whether to approach the poster and get the rest of the information on the exhibit. The poster size is 23.35 in. width by 33 in. height. The animation series is a digitized version of these posters made for social media advertisement format. The animations are designed to be understood with or without sound, and to attract and inform the viewer about the exhibits.

Process Work

The process for the animations included storyboarding layouts, typography redesign for screen and video considerations, exploration with type animation, and sound design.

The process for the posters included researching each pioneer, conceptual ideation and thumbnail sketching, typographic exploration and scale studies.